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18617 E 43rd Street, Tulsa OK 74134

18617 E 43rd Street, Tulsa  OK 74134

This is the epitome of comfortable  homes, built in 2008 and according to the appraiser it has 2,309 square feet of living space that includes 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 3-car garage. This  home has a very nice open floor plan, large living room, with an extra large pantry in the laundry area. Add to all of this  a professionally landscaped yard and you have found one of the nicest homes in the Broken Arrow area.

For more information please contact Jody at 918-960-1816 or go to the property webpage at:

18617_E_43rd_ST_25 18617_E_43rd_ST_24 18617_E_43rd_ST_23 18617_E_43rd_ST_22 18617_E_43rd_ST_21 18617_E_43rd_ST_20 18617_E_43rd_ST_19 18617_E_43rd_ST_18 18617_E_43rd_ST_17 18617_E_43rd_ST_2 18617_E_43rd_ST_16 18617_E_43rd_ST_15 18617_E_43rd_ST_14 18617_E_43rd_ST_13 18617_E_43rd_ST_12 18617_E_43rd_ST_10 18617_E_43rd_ST_11 18617_E_43rd_ST_9 18617_E_43rd_ST_8 18617_E_43rd_ST_7 18617_E_43rd_ST_6 18617_E_43rd_ST_5 18617_E_43rd_ST_4 18617_E_43rd_ST_3 18617_E_43rd_ST_1


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