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10238 S 96th East Avenue, Tulsa 74133

10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_bath 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_bath2 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_bath3 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_bed 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_bed2 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_foyer 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_front 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_garage 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_kit 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_livingroom 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_livingroom2 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_misc 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_misc2 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_misc3 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_office 10238_S_96th_East_Avenue_rear10238 S 96th East Avenue, Tulsa 74133


Gorgeous Hardy Plank and partial brick home in Tulsa. It features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 3-car garage within a spacious 2,240 square ft of living space. Situated on a zero lot line development it has the advantage of wide open spaces. If you have school age children you will be thrilled with the fact this home is in the Bixby Schools district.

You will be proud to live in such a fine home, and the kids will be anxious to invite their friends over.

For additional information, or to see the home please contact Jody by phone @ 918-960-1816 or go to the property webpage:


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